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Статус: Активный участник
Пол: Мужской
Местоположение: Россия, Другой город
Дата регистрации: 7 июня 2014 г. в 23:59:35
Рейтинг активности: 819 [ Материалы ]
Его любимые группы (всего 2)
Bruce Dickinson, Iron Maiden
Его любимые стили
- Heavy Metal
- Melodic Metal
- Power Metal
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Его любимые альбомы (последние указанные, всего 27)
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Его любимые видеоклипы (последние указанные, всего 8)
Ждет релизы
- Pänzer (Deu) "Final Command"
- Miracle Flair "Angels Cast Shadows"
- Secret Sphere "The Nature Of Time"
- The Privateer "The Goldsteen Lay"
- Rage Of Romance "Thunderborn"
- Accept "The Rise Of Chaos"
- Beyond Forgiveness "The Great Wall"
- Killin' Kind "Dying Earth"
- Adagio "Life"
- Anthriel "Transcendence"
- Soul Secret "Babel"
- St. Elmos Fire "Across The Nations"
- Hell's Crows "Hell's Crows"
- Виконт "Арийская Русь - Часть 1"
- Jag Panzer "The Deviant Chord"
- The Ferrymen "The Ferrymen"
- Jorn "Life On Death Road"
- Angelwings "The Edge Of Innocence"
- Rage "Seasons Of The Black"
- Echoes Of Eternity "Ageless"
- Ana Metal For Charity Project "Ana"
- Iced Earth "Incorruptible"
- Mike LePond "Pawn And Prophecy"
- Night Legion "Night Legion"
- Dragonhammer "Obscurity"
- Desdaemona "Starcrossed"
- Eunomia "Eunomia"
- Attic "Sanctimonious"
- Ironflame "Lightning Strikes The Crown"
- Circle Of Silence "The Crimson Throne"
- Waterland "Signs Of Freedom"
- Mindfar "The Dark Tower"
- Scanner "The Galactos Tapes"
- Дыхание Пустоты "Вчера. Сегодня. Никогда"
- Hidden Lapse "Redemption"
- Sinheresy "Domino"
- Operus "Cenotaph"
- Next To None "Phases"
- Blazing Rust "Armed To Exist"
- Chontaraz "Rondamauh"
- Arch Enemy "Will To Power"
- Them (Deu) "Manor Of The Se7en Gables"
- Portrait "Burn The World"
- Unleash The Archers "Apex"
- The Rods "Louder Than Loud"
- Choirs Of Veritas "I Am The Way, The Truth And The Life"
- Dark Horizon "Aenigma"
- Overkhaos "Beware Of Truth"
- Suidakra "Cimbric Yarns"
- Threshold "Legends Of The Shires"
- Last Days Of Eden "Traxel Mör"
- Mean Streak "Blind Faith"
- Чёрный Кузнец "Сверхъестественное"
- Fogalord "Masters Of War"
- LionSoul "Welcome Storm"
- Fireforce "Annihilate The Evil"
- Cellar Darling "This Is The Sound"
- Eluveitie "Evocation II"
- Daedric Tales "The Divine Menace"
- Stormage "Dead Of Night"
- Blazon Stone "Down In The Dark"
- Hidden Memories "Empirical Fragments"
- Macaxe "Attack!"
- Lonewolf "Raised On Metal"
- Crimfall "Amain"
- Selene "The Ravages Of Time"
- Dendera "Part One - Blood Red Sky (EP)"
- Stallion (Deu) "From The Dead"
- Skeletoon "They Never Say Die"
- Serial Vice "Nightmares Come True"
- Sault "Seeds Of Power"
- Excalion "Dream Alive"
- Wintersun "The Forest Seasons"
- Rock Goddess "It's More Than Rock And Roll (EP)"
- Crimson Day "At The Mountains Of Madness"
- Orden Ogan "Gunmen"
- The Birthday Massacre "Under Your Spell"
- Insatia "Phoenix Aflame"
- Tytan "Justice: Served!"
- Serious Black "Magic"
- Holy Martyr "Darkness Shall Prevail"
- Wintersun "Time II"
- Gaia Epicus "Alpha & Omega"
- White Skull "Will Of The Strong"
- Edguy "Monuments (Compilation)"
- Asphodelia "Welcome Apocalypse"
- Wizard "Fallen Kings"
- Instanzia "Spinning Maze"
- Vescera "Beyond The Fight"
- Mike Machine "Alive (EP)"
- Seven Spires "Solveig"
- Evertale "The Great Brotherwar"
- Hamka "Multiversal"
- Vice (UK) "The First Chapter"
- Ascension (Gbr) "Under The Veil Of Madness"
- Millennium (Gbr) "Caught In A Warzone"
- Valor (Grc) "Arrogance: The Fall"
- Narwhal Tusk "Wasted Wonderland"
- Masterplan "PumpKings"
- Grimgotts "Part Man, Part Beast, Part Dragon (EP)"
- Náyades "White Winter Tales"
- АнгелиадА "Вечная Битва"
- Last Kingdom "Dream Captain"
- Altair "Descending"
- Spellwitch "The Witching Hour"
- Conjuring Fate "Valley Of Shadows"
- Crystallion "Bavarian Custom Made"
- Blind Guardian "Live Beyond The Spheres (Live)"
- Solar Fragment "From Our Hands (EP)"
- Galderia "Return Of The Cosmic Men"
- Terra Atlantica "A City Once Divine"
- Chaser "Raiders - The Anthology"
- Once "After Earth"
- Alwaid "The Machine And The Beast"