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slavaefes (Вячеслав)
Статус: Активный участник
Пол: Мужской
Местоположение: Россия, Другой город
Дата регистрации: 7 июня 2014 г. в 23:59:35
Рейтинг активности: 872 [ Материалы ]
Его любимые группы (всего 2)
Bruce Dickinson, Iron Maiden
Его любимые стили
- Heavy Metal
- Melodic Metal
- Power Metal
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Его любимые альбомы (последние указанные, всего 28)
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Его любимые видеоклипы (последние указанные, всего 8)
Ждет релизы
- Wintersun "Time II"
- Elvellon "Between Dreams And Nightmares"
- Instanzia "Spinning Maze"
- Gaia Epicus "Alpha & Omega"
- Last Kingdom "Dream Captain"
- Black Majesty "Vlad The Impaler (Single)"
- Solar Fragment "From Our Hands (EP)"
- АнгелиадА "Вечная Битва"
- Millennium (Gbr) "Caught In A Warzone"
- Дыхание Пустоты "Вчера. Сегодня. Никогда"
- Judicator "The Last Emperor"
- Spellwitch "The Witching Hour"
- Chaser "Raiders - The Anthology"
- Narwhal Tusk "Wasted Wonderland"
- Виконт "Арийская Русь - Часть 1"
- Crystallion "Bavarian Custom Made"
- Desdaemona "Starcrossed"
- Waterland "Signs Of Freedom"
- Them (Deu) "Manor Of The Se7en Gables"
- Náyades "White Winter Tales"
- Circle Of Silence "The Crimson Throne"
- Vescera "Beyond The Fight"
- Ascension (Gbr) "Under The Veil Of Madness"
- Tytan "Justice: Served!"
- Vice (UK) "The First Chapter"
- Holy Martyr "Darkness Shall Prevail"
- The Rods "Louder Than Loud"
- Once "After Earth"
- Scanner "The Galactos Tapes (Compilation)"
- Asphodelia "Welcome Apocalypse"
- Echoes Of Eternity "Ageless"
- Suidakra "Cimbric Yarns"
- Eunomia "Eunomia"
- Terra Atlantica "A City Once Divine"
- Skeletoon "They Never Say Die"
- Serial Vice "Nightmares Come True"
- Pharaoh "The Powers That Be"
- Category VI "War Is Hell"
- Kobra And The Lotus "Prevail II"
- Last Pharaoh "The Mantle Of Spiders"
- Tidal Dreams "Previsor"
- Elessär "Kosmos"
- Evil-Lÿn "Disciple Of Steel"
- Winter's Verge "The Wolves Of Tiberon"
- Arrayan Path "Archegoni"
- Age Of Glory "Dawn Of Heroes (EP)"
- Redemption "Long Night's Journey Into Day"
- Chronomancy "Strenght Through Unity"
- Stormwitch "Bound To The Witch"
- Afterlife Symphony "Lympha"
- Dark Sarah "The Golden Moth"
- Seventh Wonder "Tiara"
- Evil Drive "Ragemaker"
- Iron Angel "Hellbound"
- Melted Space "Darkening Light"
- Primal Fear "Apocalypse"
- Necrytis "Dread En Ruin"
- Cat O' Nine Tails "Dark Waters & Brighter Seas"
- Forbidden Seed "The Grand Masquerade"
- Tomorrow's Outlook "A Voice Unheard"
- Hexed "Netherworld"
- Star Eternal "Archetypica"
- Preludio Ancestral "Oblivion"
- Silent Saga "Rise"
- Blitzkrieg "Judge Not"
- Estate "Mirrorland"
- Artillery "Deadly Relics"
- Eldritch "Cracksleep"
- Mustasch "Silent Killer"
- Flashback Of Anger "Shades"
- Легенда "Неоспоримый"
- The Order Of Chaos "Night Terror (EP)"
- Leather "II"
- Toledo Steel "No Quarter"
- Headless Crown "Century Of Decay"
- Chronosfear "Chronosfear"
- Shadowrise "Shadowrise"
- Eliminator (Gbr) "Last Horizon"
- Kamelot "The Shadow Theory"
- Crystal Ball "Crystallizer"
- Eufory "Higher And Higher"
- Delta "Fake Freedom (EP)"
- Whyzdom "As Time Turns To Dust"
- Knightmare "Walk Through The Fire"
- Last Days Of Eden "Chrysalis"
- Against Evil "All Hail The King"
- Overwind "I Can Do It Again"
- Riot "Armor Of Light"
- Elvenstorm "The Conjuring"
- Kardinal Sin "Victorious"
- Cloven Hoof "Immortal"
- Midnattsol "The Aftermath"
- Evil Hunter "Evil Hunter"
- Emerald Sun "Under The Curse Of Silence"
- Lords Of Black "Icons Of The New Days"
- Thrust "Harvest Of Souls"
- Corners Of Sanctuary "The Galloping Hordes"
- Stryper "God Damn Evil"
- Fairyland "Osyrhianta"
- Aeternitas "Tales Of The Grotesque"
- Shadowkeep "Shadowkeep"
- Onydia "A New Safe Path"
- Visionatica "Enigma Fire"
- Neophobia "Monstermind"
- Abramis Brama "Tusen År"
- Graveshadow "Ambition's Price"
- Ross The Boss "By Blood Sworn"
- Road Warrior "Power"
- Sleep In Heads "On The Air"
- Enchantya "On Light And Wrath"
- Gus G. "Fearless"
- Primitai "The Calling"
- Tomorrow's Eve "Mirror Of Creation III – Project Ikaros"
- Airborn "Lizard Secrets"
- Crystal Tears "Decadence Deluxe"
- Abrin "Hell On Earth"
- Amorphis "Queen Of Time"
- Levania "The Day I Left Apart (EP)"
- Sense Of Fear "As The Ages Passing By..."
- Proscenium (UK) "Midnight Aria"
- Nils Patrik Johansson "Evil Deluxe"
- Evolucija "Hunt"
- Stormzone "Lucifer's Factory"
- Phantom Elite "Wasteland"
- Monument (Gbr) "Hellhound"
- Images Of Eden "Soulrise"
- Kilmara "Across The Realm Of Time"
- Dyecrest "Are You Not Entertained?"
- Blackslash "Lightning Strikes Again"
- Millennial Reign "The Great Divide"
- Lyria "Immersion"
- Gatekeeper "East Of Sun"
- Drakkar "Cold Winter's Night (EP)"
- Cryonic Temple "Deliverance"
- Cain's Dinasty "Eva"
- Seven Sisters "The Cauldron And The Cross"
- Brainstorm "Midnight Ghost"
- Winter's Edge "The Guardians Of Our Time Pt.1"
- Eternal Flame "Smoke On The Mountain"
- Seven Thorns "Symphony Of Shadows"
- Final Cry "Dominion Of Decay"
- Power Tale "Семь Подземных Королей"
- Elysium (Ita) "Labyrinth Of Fallen Angels"
- Architects Of Chaoz "[R]evolution"