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Персональная страница RedBlackWorm689
RedBlackWorm689 (Артем) - bring out your dead
Статус: Активный участник
Пол: Мужской
День рождения: 20 августа 1997 г. (20 лет)
Местоположение: Россия, Симферополь
Дата регистрации: 17 января 2014 г. в 23:46:44
Рейтинг активности: 585 [ Материалы ]
Его любимые стили
- Ambient
- Atmospheric Black
- Deathcore
- Gothic Metal
- Gothic Rock
- Melodic Death
- Shoegaze
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Его любимые альбомы (последние указанные, всего 1746)
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Его любимые видеоклипы (последние указанные, всего 154)
Ждет релизы
- Passage "II"
- Viper Inc. "The Ripper (EP)"
- Torch Of Decaying Log "Anthology (Compilation)"
- Etched In Stone "The Great American Stigmata (EP)"
- Oath To Vanquish "The Ruinous Fate Of The Blind"
- Satariel "White Ink"
- Hate Embraced "The Art of Devastation"
- Graviton "Multiverse (EP)"
- Determined "Apex Of Anxiety"
- Octoclops "Paradigm Shift"
- X3N "X3N"
- An Aeon Awakening "Terraform"
- Inside I "Beneath The Circus"
- NǽnøĉÿbbŒrğ VbëřřĦōlökäävsŦ "Extradimensional Gauge Freedom To Absolute Zero"
- Dreamspell (Grd) "Inexorable Dissonance"
- Antiparticle "Obliteration (EP)"
- Avensis "Mountains"
- Parthak "Migrants"
- Spiralmountain "Heavenward"
- Ananta "8 Walls"
- Everlasting Rain "An Hour"
- Vindbok "Void"
- The Last Days "In A Quiet Zone"
- Sacred Mother Tongue "A Light Shines... (EP)"
- Afekth "Ankh"
- Ceruleus "Errätus"
- Thelema "Prototype (Single)"
- Never Met a Dead Man "The Sacrifice"
- Deathmorphine "Doomsday"
- Sterbeklang "Zwei Leben (EP)"
- Ultra Milkmaids "AMR (Single)"
- The Descent of the Sun "Orphanhood"
- Cortexiphan "Iniquitous"
- AtomA "Nova"
- Далiна "Седой Дух Лесного Озера"
- Il Grande Scisma d'Oriente "Dormant Waters"
- World Under Blood "Tetanus Invasive"
- Crown Of Autumn "Byzantine Horizons"
- Nychts "Aus Dem Nichts Zu Den Sternen"
- Pin-Up Went Down "Perfreaktion"
- Mortician "Mortician"
- System Divide "The Cult Of Indifference"
- Cruenta Saturnalia "Tributa ad Vosegus"
- Dischord (Geo) "Guillotine (EP)"
- Adhara "Treasures (EP)"
- Maimer "Sarcoma Hominum"
- Rosewood "Auroras"
- Versus My Phobia "The Journey"
- Assyria "Ender (EP)"
- Sleep Circadia "Purge (EP)"
- Endless Ocean "Пробуждение"
- Mask Of Morana "The Arrival (EP)"
- When Blood Falls Down "PANDÆMONIUM"
- Ancient Oak "Huldufólk (EP)"
- Roman Khrustalev's Riven "Tethys"
- Mortal Agony "Bomb Solution (EP)"
- Dark Oceans We Cry "An Empty State"
- Disfiguring The Goddess "Locking Pishenerius"
- Nontinuum "Waves"
- Isolations "Up From The Muck"
- Ovid's Withering "Terraphage (EP)"
- Emerald Rustling "Compilation : Dreamless"
- Killry "Seeds Of Chaos (EP)"
- Indigestion "Bring The New World Order"
- Sangre Eterna "When Silence Speaks"
- Invader (De) "Tales Of A Madman"
- Cardinal (USA) "Alpine Voice (EP)"
- Aegaeon "Education"
- Emission Nebula "Solar System"
- My Useless Life "Ω (EP)"
- Bleeding Of The Hypocrite "Bleeding Of The Hypocrite (EP)"
- Licky "Gravity Castle"
- Like Desolate Like True "Infini Du Néant"
- Stillness Before The Storm "Welcome To The Rapture (EP)"
- Ao Eterno "Doomed To Wander..."
- 1000schoen / Ab Intra "Untitled"
- Nautic Depths & Nunc Stans "Falling Silent"
- Cosma Nova "Sternenstaub Inc."
- Absurd "Ad Astra Cruentus"
- Hvarna "Arkuš"
- Aestrata "Submental Vol. 3"
- Dreadful "The Wicked Choice"
- Nightsky Obsession "Galaxy Of Sorrow"
- Coldnight "Celestial White Ghostly"
- My Hollow "On Borrowed Time"
- Thrown To The Sun "House Of Rest"
- Flesh Consumed "Hymn For The Leeches"
- Infinite Design "Phases"
- Sleep White Winter "Degeneracy Of Nostalgia"
- Fading Waves "Catching The Phantoms (EP)"
- Perihelion "Hold (EP)"
- Shylmagoghnar "Transience"
- The Duskfall "The Everlasting Shadows"
- Mal Etre "Fractured (EP)"
- Skylord "Frostcraft"
- A Trust Unclean "Parturition (EP)"
- Carpathian Forest "Likskue"
- Like Desolate Like True "Dance With Me For The Last Time (Demo)"
- The Unguided "And The Battle Royale"
- All Pigs Must Die "A Caustic Vision"
- Anvil "Pounding The Pavement"
- Happy Days / Deadspace "Reaching For Silence (Split)"
- Signs Of The Swarm "The Disfigurement Of Existence"
- Sinistro "Sangue Cassia"
- Winds Of Plague "Blood Of My Enemy"
- Infaust "Verblichen"
- Embryo "A Step Beyond Divinity"
- The Modern Age Slavery "Stygian"
- Summoning "With Doom We Come"
- Tyakrah "Wintergedanken"
- Bergrizen "Der Unsterbliche Geist"
- Silent Descent "Turn To Grey"
- Silence Lies Fear "Shadows Of The Wasteland"