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Персональная страница Flёuromanka
Flёuromanka (Инга) - Sick Brutal Heartless
Статус: Активный участник
Пол: Женский
День рождения: 26 февраля 1631 г. (387 лет)
Местоположение: Россия, Другой город
Дата регистрации: 30 мая 2015 г. в 18:11:48
Рейтинг активности: 73 [ Материалы ]
Ее любимые группы (всего 707)
1349, 2 Minuta Dreka, 5 Stabbed 4 Corpses, 7 H.Target, Abaddon Incarnate, Abdicate, Abhorrence, Abhorrence (Fin), Abnormality, Abnormity, Abominable Putridity, Aborted Fetus, Abortion Autopsy, Abrasive, Abysmal Dawn, Abysmal Torment, Abyssphere, Acephala, Acranius, Acrostichon, Act Of God, Ade, Adorned Brood, Aeon, Afgrund, Afterbirth, Afterlife, Agathocles, Ahumado Granujo, Alienation Mental, Alizbar, All Shall Perish, Amagortis, Ambivalence, Ammonium, Amon, Amputated, Amputated Genitals, Anal Blast, Anal Bleeding, Anal Grind, Analdicktion, Analepsy, Analkholic, Ancient Necropsy, Anima Damnata, Animals Killing People, Antigama, Antropofagus, AntropomorphiA, Armaga, Artery Eruption, Asphyxiate, Assück, Atheretic, Atomwinter, Atretic Intestine, Autopsy Night, Avulsed, Bal-Sagoth, Baphomet, Barbarity, Bastard Priest, Beef Conspiracy, Begging For Incest, Beheaded, Benediction, Benighted, Beseech, Bestial Deform, Betrayer (Pol), Big End Bolt, Birth Of Depravity, Blackthorn, Blasphemer (Ita), Bleeding (Blr), Bleeding Display, Blood, Blood Duster, Blood Of The Wolf, Blood Red Throne, Bloodbath, Bloodsoaked, Bolt Thrower, Bradi Cerebri Ectomia, Brodequin, Broken Hope, Brutal Truth, Brutal Violence, Brutality, Burial, Burning Flesh, Burning Inside, Calm Gothic, Calm Hatchery, Cancer, Cannabis Corpse, Cannibal Corpse, Captain Cleanoff, Carcass, Cardiac Arrest, Carnal Diafragma, Carnal Lust, Carnivore Diprosopus, Carnivored, Carnophage, Catacombs, Catastrophic, Cavalera Conspiracy, Cave Have Rod, Cease Of Breeding, Cemetery Rapist, Cemetery Urn, Cenotaph (Tur), Centinex, Centurian, Cephalectomy, Cephalic Carnage, Cephalic Impurity, Cephalotripsy, Cerebral Bore, Cerebral Effusion, Cerebral Incubation, Cerebral Turbulency, Cesspool Of Vermin, Children Of Bodom, Clit'N'Slit, Cliteater, Cock And Ball Torture, Comecon, Condemned, Contorted, Contrastic, Convulse, Coprobaptized Cunthunter, Corporal Raid, Corpse, Corpse Vomit, Corpsessed, Corpus Mortale, Crack Up, Cranial Osteotomy, Craniotomy, Creamface, Cremated Lives, Cremation (Che), Crematory, Criminal Element, Crimson Thorn, Cryptic Enslavement, Cryptopsy, Cut Up, Cutterred Flesh, D.V.C., Daemonicus, Dagoba, Dahmer, Dark Lunacy, Darkall Slaves, Datura, Dawn Of Demise, Dawn Of Disease, Dead Beyond Buried, Dead Can Dance, Dead Congregation, Dead Infection, Deadborn, Deaden, Death, Death Vomit, Deathbound, Deathspell Omega, Debodified, Decaying Purity, Decimation, Decomposition Of Entrails, Decrepit Birth, Decrepitaph, Deeds Of Flesh, Defeated Sanity, Defloration, Degrade, Dehumanized, Dehydrated, Deicide, Demigod, Demonical, Dephosphorus, Deranged, Desalmado, Desecration Of My Girlfriend Hole, Desecresy, Desolate Shrine, Despondency, Destroying Divinity, Destructive Explosion Of Anal Garland, Desultory, Desvirginizagore, Deteriorot, Devangelic, Deviant Process, Devilish Distance, Devourment, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Diabolic, Dig Me No Grave, Digested Flesh, Disastrous Murmur, Disavowed, Disbelief, Disembowelment, Disfigurement Of Flesh, Disgorge, Disgorge (USA), Disinter, Disloyal (Pol), Disma, Dismember, Dissenter, Dormant Carnivore, Dormant Ordeal, Down From the Wound, Dr. Faust, Drawn And Quartered, Dripping, Dying Fetus, Dysangelium (Cze), Eardelete, Ebanath, Eluveitie, Embedded, Emeth, Encryptor, Endseeker, Enthrallment, Entombed, Epica, Epicardiectomy, Eternal Suffering, Eternal Torment (Aus), Evil Darkness, Evil Incarnate, Excruciate (Aus), Exhumed, Exit-13, Exmortem, Exodus, Extermination Dismemberment, Extreme Noise Terror, Exventer, Ezophagothomia, Facebreaker, Falkenbach, Fecal God, Feral, Fermento, Festerguts, Fetal Decay, Firespawn, Flesh Consumed, Flesh Grinder, Fleshbomb, Fleshcrawl, Fleshgore, Fleshgrind, Fleshless, Fleshrot, Fractured Insanity, Fuck... I'm Dead, Fulmination, Funebrarum, Funeral Rape, Funerus, General Surgery, Gigan, God Syndrome, Godhate, Godless Truth, Golem, Goratory, Gore Obsessed, Gorefest, Gorevent, Gorgasm, Gorguts, Gortuary, Grave, Grave Upheaval, Graveside, Graveyard, Grond, Gronibard, Gruesome, Gut, Gutalax, Gutted (USA), Guttural Engorgement, Guttural Secrete, Guttural Slug, Haemorrhage, Hate Division, Hate Eternal, Hatebeak, Heaven Shall Burn, Hideous Divinity, Hour Of Penance, Houwitser, Hovert, Hrust Kostilyo, Human Filleted, Human Mastication, Human Mincer, Human Rejection, Human Vivisection, Humiliation, Hymen Holocaust, Ignivomous, Illdisposed, Illogicist, Immolation, Impaled, Imperator, Impure, Impureza, Inbreeding Sick, Incantation, Incineration, Incubus, Inepsy, Inevitable End, Infected, Infected Flesh, Infectology, Infernal Revulsion, Infernal Torment, Infestdead, Infested, Infested Blood, Ingested, Ingrowing, Ingurgitating Oblivion, Inherit Disease, Inhumano, Iniquity, InnerHate, Insect Warfare, Insidious Decrepancy, Insision, Interment, Interment (USA), Internal Bleeding, Internal Suffering, Intestinal Disgorge, Inveracity, Inverloch, Jasad, Jig-Ai, Jigsore Terror, Jungle Rot, Kaamos, Kabak, Kaotik, Katalepsy, Kataplexia, Kataplexis, Keitzer, Kill Division, Konkhra, Korpiklaani, Kraanium, Krabathor, Kreator, Krypts, Last Days Of Humanity, Last Fear, Lectern, Lethality, Libido Airbag, Lie In Ruins, Lisa Gerrard, Liturgy (USA), Lividity, Lock Up, Looking For An Answer, Lost Soul, Luciferion, Lust Of Decay, Lymphatic Phlegm, Maat, Machetazo, Magrudergrind, Malevolent Creation, Malignancy, Malignant Tumour, Malodorous, Man Must Die, Mantas, Marissa Nadler, Masacre, Mass Infection, Massacra, Massacre, Mea Vita, Meat Shits, Menstrual Divider, Mephistopheles (Idn), Mercyless, Meshuggah, Mesrine, Miasmal, Milking The Goatmachine, Mincing Fury And Guttural Clamour Of Queer Decay, Mindly Rotten, Misericordiam, Misery (Aus), Mistress, Mithras, Mnemic, Moker, Monstrosity, Morbid Angel, Morbid Crucifixion, Morbid Saint, Morgoth, Morpheus Descends, Morrah, Morta Skuld, Mortal Decay, Mortal Torment, Mortalized (Rus), Mortem, Mortem (Nor), Mortician, Mucupurulent, Mugrind, Mumakil, My Darkest Hate, Myrkskog, Mythic, Nails, Napalm Death, Nasum, Near Death Condition, Necrocannibal, Necromorphic Irruption, Necropozitive, Necropsy (Fin), Necrosanct, Necrotic Disgorgement, Necrotorture, Necrovore, Negligent Collateral Collapse, Nephasth, Nervecell, Nervosa, Neter, Nightwish, Nihil Obstat, Nile, Nocra, Nocturnal Depression, Nomans Land, Nomenmortis, Nominon, Nora Cavern Age, Nosferatos, Num Skull, Obituary, Obliteration, Obscenity, Obscure Infinity, Obscurity (Swe), Obsecration, Odious Mortem, Ogotay, Omnihility, Omophagia, Oniricous, Oppressor, Origin, Orphaned Land, Overtorture, Paganizer, Painful Defloration, Pannychida, Pantera, Paracoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosis, Parasitic Extirpation, Parental Advisory, Parricide, Pathogen (Phl), Pathologist, Pathology, Penuria, Perverse Dependence, Peshmerga, Pessimist (USA), Phlebotomized, Phobia, Phobocosm, Phyllomedusa, Pighead, Porky Vagina, Postcoital Ulceration, Posthumous Blasphemer, Prophecy, Prophecy Of Doom, Prostitute Disfigurement, Proteus, Psychotic Despair, Psycroptic, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Pure Wrath, Purgatory, Purtenance, Purulent, Purulent Spermcanal, Pustulated, Puteraeon, Putrefied, Putrefied Cadaver, Putrefy, Putrevore, Putrid Pile, Putridity, Pyaemia, Pyre (Rus), Pyrexia, Rattenfänger, RazorRape, Rebaelliun, Rectal Smegma, Regicide, Regurgitate, Relics Of Humanity, Repugnant, Requiem (Che), Resurrected, Resurrection, Revel In Flesh, Revilement, Revolting, Ribspreader, Righteous Pigs, Rings Of Saturn, Rompeprop, Rot, Rotten Sound, Rotting Repugnancy, Rottrevore, S.C.A.T., S.M.E.S., Sacralis, Sadistic Intent, Sadistik Forest, Sadus, Saprogenic, Sarcolytic, Sarpanitum, Scar Symmetry, Scent of Flesh, Scordatura, Scrambled Defuncts, Seance, Separatist, Sepsism, Septicopyemia, Septycal Gorge, Severe Torture, Severed Savior, Sickbag, Sickening, Sikfuk, Siksakubur, Silencer, Silentium, Sinister, Sinistrous Diabolus, Sirenia, Sisters Of Suffocation, Sixpounder Teratoma, Skeletal Spectre, Skepticism, Skinless, Slavebreed, Slayer, Slugathor, Sockweb, Soils Of Fate, Solution .45, Sophicide, Sorcery, Sordid Clot, Sore Throat, Soreption, Soulfly, Soulreaper, Spasm, Spiritual Ravishment, Spit On Your Grave, Splattered Entrails, Splattered Mermaids, Squash Bowels, Stabwound, Stigma, Stoma, Striker, Sufferage, Suffering Mind, Suffocate Bastard, Suffocation, Suicidal Causticity, Suicide Pandemic, Suidakra, Sukkuba, Suntorn, Supreme Pain, Surgical Dissection, Suture, Svffer, Sympuls-E, Temple Nightside, Temple Of Void, Terminally Your Aborted Ghost, Terrordrome, Terrorizer, The Kennedy Veil, The Kill, The Mutilator, The Rigor Mortis, The Sins Of Thy Beloved, Therapsida, Therion, These Are They, Thirst Of Revenge, Thorr's Hammer, Thy Final Pain, To Separate The Flesh From The Bones, Ton, Torsofuck, Tortharry, Trauma, Traumatomy, Trigger, Troglodyte, Tsubo, Turbidity, Tyranize, Tzun Tzu, Ulcerate, Ulcerous Phlegm, Ultra Vomit, Unaussprechlichen Kulten, Unborn Suffer, Unburied (USA), Undergang, Unfathomable Ruination, Unleashed, UnSun, Vader, Valgrind, Vallenfyre, Vanhelgd, Vasaeleth, Vastum, Vehemence, Vein Of Hate, Veiyadra, Veld, Venenum, Vile, Viogression, Viral Load, Visceral Bleeding, Visceral Disgorge, Volturyon, Vomepotro, Vomit Remnants, Vomit The Soul, Vomitory, Vomitous, Vulvectomy, Vulvodynia, VX, Waco Jesus, Waking The Cadaver, Weak Aside, Weeping Birth, Welding Torture, Whorecore, Whoretopsy, Wijlen Wij, Witchrist, Within Destruction, Wombbath, Wombripper, Wormed, Wormrot, Xasthur, Xysma, Yacøpsæ, Yattering, Zoebeast, Апосепсия, Аркона, Никонов Дмитрий Альбертович, Состояние Птиц
Ее любимые стили
- Ambient
- Angry Metal
- Brutal Death
- Crust
- Dark Folk
- Death Metal
- Ethereal
- Folk Rock
- Funeral Doom
- Goregrind
- Grindcore
- Neo-Classic
- Noise
- Porngrind
- Technical Death
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