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FEDERAL - Muss Humor ja haben, denn sonst wär ich gewiss schon vor die Hunde gegangen
Статус: Активный участник
Пол: Мужской
Местоположение: Россия
Дата регистрации: 17 января 2011 г. в 00:56:15
Рейтинг активности: 1288 [ Материалы ]
Его любимые группы (всего 132)
3 Inches Of Blood, A Hill To Die Upon, Abigail Williams, Abnormality, Aborted, Absu, Abysmal Grief, Acid Witch, Adversarial, Aenaon, Agalloch, Anaal Nathrakh, Apostasy (Swe), Ash Borer, Asphyxia, Begrime Exemious, Beneath The Massacre, Benighted In Sodom, Blasphemophagher, Bleed From Within, Bloodbath, Bolt Thrower, Bölzer, Borgne, Cadaverous Condition, Carach Angren, Carnifex, Cephalic Carnage, Coffins, Covenant, CygnosiC, Cypecore, Daemonicus, Dantalion, Dark Tranquillity, Decrepitaph, Deeds Of Flesh, Defeated Sanity, Deivos, Demiurg, Demonical, Denouncement Pyre, Desecresy, Devildriver, Diablo, Doomed, Dopethrone, Draconian, Enslaved, Entombed, Entombed A.D., Entrails (Swe), Epica, Esoteric, Evil Incarnate, Facebreaker, Fell Voices, Finntroll, Fleshcrawl, Fragments Of Unbecoming, Funerus, Gigantic Brain, God Dethroned, Gorevent, Gormathon, Graveyard, Guillotine, Hideous Divinity, Hydroxie, Immortal, Incantation, Insision, Jess And The Ancient Ones, Jungle Rot, Krypts, Kypck, Le Scrawl, Lethargy Of Death, Limbonic Art, Lord Belial, Lustre, Mgła, Midnight Odyssey, Misery Index, Mistress, Mortemia, Mortician, Motörhead, Napalm Death, Near Death Condition, Necrite, Obscura, October Tide, Once Human, Oranssi Pazuzu, Ouroboros (Aus), Paysage d'Hiver, Revel In Flesh, Rose Funeral, Runemagick, Sarpanitum, Sathanas, Shattered Hope, Sister Sin, Skeletal Spectre, Slugathor, Sonic Reign, Soulfly, Suffocation, Summoning, The Bad Light, The Haunted, The Howling Wind, The Levitation Hex, The Ugly, Thy Final Pain, Triptykon, Tristwood, Ulcerate, Undergang, Vader, Valdur, Vasaeleth, Vastum, Vengeful, Venom, Vile, Vore, Wormed, Zyklon, Ævangelist, СатанаКозёл
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Его любимые видеоклипы (последние указанные, всего 163)
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Его любимые компиляции (последние указанные, всего 2)
Ждет релизы
- Hideous Divinity "Adveniens"
- Nargaroth "Era Of Threnody"
- Last Sacrament "On The Possible Preserved Visual Consciousness In Blindsight"
- Nachtreich "Beobachtungen Über Den Horizont (EP)"
- Pestilence "Hadeon"
- Absu "Apsu"
- Through The Eyes Of The Dead "Viper Of Lacerenation"
- Fell Ruin "To The Concrete Drifts"
- Mortician "Mortician"
- Disgorge (USA) "And The Weak Shall Perish"
- Flesh Consumed "Hymn For The Leeches"
- Godless North "Nordic Tyranny"
- Antropofagus "M.O.R.T.E. - Methods Of Resurrection Through Evisceration"
- Disbelief "The Symbol Of Death"
- Funeralium "Of Throes And Bligh"
- Hate "Tremendum"
- Doedsvangr "Satan Ov Suns"
- The Kovenant "Aria Galactica"
- Temple Of Void "Lords Of Death"
- Irritum "Treading The Lands Unknown (EP)"
- Firespawn "The Reprobate"
- The Doomsday Kingdom "The Doomsday Kingdom"
- Carach Angren "Dance And Laugh Amongst The Rotten"
- Deceased "Ghostly White"
- Toxik "In Humanity"
- Alrakis "Echoes From η Carinae"
- Haggard "Grimm"
- Dawn Of Ashes "Daemonolatry Gnosis"
- Barathrum "Fanatiko"
- Gnosis (USA) "The Third Eye Gate"
- Bedlam Of Cacophony "Abstract Gods"
- Order of the Ebon Hand "The Chariot"
- Benighted In Sodom "Do Not Go Gently Into That Good Night"
- Malodorous "The Carrion Recoil"
- Broken Hope "Mutilated & Assimilated"
- Khazaddum "Plagues Upon Arda"
- Cyaxares "House Of The Cosmic Waters"
- Absu "Telephaths Within Nin-Edin (Single)"
- John Frum "A Stirring In The Noos"
- Novembers Doom "Hamartia"
- Resurgency "No Worlds... Nor Gods Beyond"
- Mantar "The Spell (EP)"
- Tchornobog "Tchornobog"
- Vallenfyre "Fear Those Who Fear Him"
- Avatarium "Hurricanes And Halos"
- Loss "Horizonless"
- Liv Sin "Follow Me"
- Lustre "Still Innocence"
- God Dethroned "The World Ablaze"