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Fenriz - Trapped Under Vice, Vol. I (2009)

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Стиль:Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Black Thrashing Death
1. Necrovore (USA) - Mutilated Death (1987)
2. Mental Decay (Denmark) - Eat the Posers Guts (1987)
3. Pentagram (Chile) - Profaner (1987)
4. Necrodeath (Italy) - Agony / Flag of the Inverted Cross (1987)
5. Morbid (Sweden) - Wings of Funeral (1987)
6. Poison (Germany) - Yog-Sothoth (1987)
7. Devastation (USA) - Devastation (1987)
8. Merciless (Sweden) - The Awakening (1989)
9. Minotaur (Germany) - Fall of the Gods (1988)
10. Mutilated (France) - Funerarium (1988)
11. Deathhammer (Norway) - Toxic Radiation (2008)
12. Obliveon (Canada) - Whimsical Uproar (1987)
13. Obscurity (Sweden) - Demented (1987)
14. Morbid Saint (USA) - Beyond the Gates of Hell (1988)
15. Vulcano (Brazil) - Guerreiros de Sata (2003)
16. Whiplash (USA) - The Burning of Atlanta (1985)
17. Infernö (Norway) - Thrash Metal Dogs of Hell (2004)
18. Aura Noir (Norway) - Iron Night / Torment Storm (2008)
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Цитата (Fenriz a.k.a. DJ V.K.O.M.)
First words. I started the comp by thinking of some acts that should definitely be on there. Then I mulled it over for a week. I then sat down to structure it, and I had several darlings to kill and new ones to include. I am not making a ONE STYLE comp here, like 'occult thrash' or something. I chose numbers mostly from bands that are/were old and rough and soulfully sounding, but thrash is one of the most intense genres, so it sort of HAS TO be varied, WHEN I MAKE 78+ minutes here!

I was thinking of dropping 3 of the songs to make it more like a hit parade, but one needs some ups and downs in life ha ha. Better to leave the mix untampered with.

So...it is sort of a whole labyrinth of songs, a world to get lost in.

I also start with two tracks that has really underground sound, so I will lose all posers that try to listen to the mix.
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