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Uzi Suicide "Comin' At Cha (EP)" (2005)

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Стиль:Grindcore, Thrashcore, Fastcore, Powerviolence
Группа:Uzi Suicide
Альбом:Comin' At Cha (EP)
1. Humanity Stripped Away Like Nathan Jones After A Six Pack
2. I Don't See Fit
3. Birdseed (I Steal)
4. Oh, Oh, Yeah, Yeah, We're A Jam Band
5. Lampshade Head
6. Nathan Jones Strips While Drinking A Six Pack And Listening To Asshole Parade
7. Krokop's High Kick
8. Rumble, Young Man, Rumble
9. Jeffrey Dahmer Vs. Clamtron's Black Shit Storm
10. Your Fancy Gear = Fake Rappers Bling
11. The Jackhammer On Bone Pt. 1
12. Peter Young
13. I Won't Mosh In Your Dojo If You Don't Start Fights At Our Show
Полное время альбома: 08:24
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