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Suicide Commando "Forest Of The Impaled" (2017)

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Стиль:EBM, Industrial, Dark Electro
Группа:Suicide Commando
Альбом:Forest Of The Impaled
CD 1:
1. The Gates Of Oblivion (Ft. Nero Bellum Of Psyclon Nine)
2. My New Christ
3. Too Far Gone
4. Death Lies Waiting
5. The Pain That You Like (Ft. Jean-Luc Demeyer Of Front 242)
6. Poison Tree
7. The Devil
8. Chasm Of Emptiness
9. Crack Up
10. Schiz[o]topia
11. We Are Transitory

CD 2:
1. Death Lies Waiting (Nigen Remix)
2. The Pain That You Like (Pride & Fall Remix)
3. Chasm Of Emptiness (The Psychic Force Remix)
4. My New Christ (Life Cried Remix)
5. The Pain That You Like (Orange Sector Remix)
6. Too Far Gone (Plastic Noise Experience Remix)
7. Chasm Of Emptiness (Mildreda Remix)
8. My New Christ (Reaxion Guerilla Remix)
9. Death Lies Waiting (SITD Remix)
10. My New Christ (2nd Face Remix)
11. God Is In The Rain (Katarina Misskey Cover)

CD 3-Tribute:
1. Come To Me (By Acylum)
2. Love Breeds Suicide (By Reaktor 7x)
3. Desire (By C-Lekktor Vs. Circuito Cerrado)
4. Monster (By Short And Crunch)
5. Cause Of Death: Suicide (By Alien Vampires)
6. Sheer Horror (By Empusa)
7. Conspiracy With The Devil (By ES23)
8. Fate (By Mildreda)
9. Hellraiser (By Nano Infect)
10. Time (By XSRY)
11. Actions Of The Mind (By Aim And Execute)
12. Godsend (By Body Harvest)
13. Sterbehilfe (By Stahlnebel & Black Selket)
14. See You In Hell (By Yu Feat. Blackjack O'Hare)

CD 4-The Devil:
1. The Devil (Satanismus Remix)
2. The Devil (Cold Therapy Cover)
3. The Devil (Instrumental)
4. The Devil (Sektor O Cover)
5. The Devil (Original 1991 Version)
Полное время альбома: 3:16:24
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Группа Suicide Commando
Johan Van Roy начал эксперименты с электронной музыкой под именем Suicide Commando в 1986 году. Два года спустя вышла первая (из 9-ти) кассета Suicide Commando и первая песня на виниловом сборнике "Electronic".
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