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P.T.A.O. & Seven Minutes Of Nausea "Split 3 CD" (1999)

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Стиль:Grindcore, Noisecore
Группа:P.T.A.O. & Seven Minutes Of Nausea
Альбом:Split 3 CD
P.T.A.O. (Чехия):
1. Untitled

Seven Minutes Of Nausea (Германия):
2. Feedbackselfdeath
Полное время альбома: 17:14
All PTAO material was recorded and mixed at Barbarella Studios 7-8 November 1998. All Music composed by PTAO and W.A. Mozart. Final mix by Mr. Mroz and Roman. All PTAO songs are total improvisation and live performances without song titles.
7MON songs recorded and mixed atOverhead/Koblenz. The recordings were originally made for a split EP with Senseless Aggression.
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