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Meat Spreader "A Swarm Of Green Flies Over The Rusty Pot" (2018)

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Группа:Meat Spreader
Альбом:A Swarm Of Green Flies Over The Rusty Pot
1. Disturbing Stench From Butchers Below
2. His Guts Were Pulled Out By Hungry Pigs
3. Shredded Alive
4. Popping Sound Of Rectal Prolapse
5. Saturday's Night Acid Shower
6. Something Smells Like Silent Fart
7. Meat Spreader
8. Frozen. Trapped. Cannibalised
9. Uterine Derangement
10. A Man Who Falls Into The Boiling Septic Tank
11. I Was Tempted To Eat Purulent Scabs
12. Vicious Retard With Dislocated Spinal Cord
13. Frostbite Gangrene
14. Shit Mixed With Rotten Meat
Полное время альбома: 31:48
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