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Gorepot "A Friend With Weed Is A Friend Indeed" (2017)

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Стиль:Brutal Death, Grindcore
Альбом:A Friend With Weed Is A Friend Indeed
1. A Girl Phoned Me The Other Day And Said, Come On Over, There's Nobody Home. I Went Over. Nobody Was Home
2. Is Raping A Hooker Considered Rape Or Shoplifting
3. A Cheap Circumcision Is A Rip-Off
4. A Submarine Is Long And Hard And Full Of Sea Men
5. Without Nipples, Tits Are Pointless
6. Calendars Are Popular Cuz They Have A Lot Of Dates
7. Fingering A Minor.........on A Guitar
8. Very Suspicious Supermarket
9. Throwing An Asian Guy Down The Stairs Is Wong On So Many Levels
10. Shokoladen Wasser Seesterne
11. Missonary Impossible
12. Anal Intercourse Is For Assholes
13. Twerking To This Song Is Not A Crime
14. A Friend With Weed Is A Friend Indeed
Полное время альбома: 43:44
Страна: Тайвань
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