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Decomposing Serenity "Digging Up Your Mother This Friday Night" (2017)

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Группа:Decomposing Serenity
Альбом:Digging Up Your Mother This Friday Night
1. Rejoice With Homeless Skulls
2. Pegasus In The Mirror
3. Nevermind The Worms Between Your Toes
4. Pluck The Shame Away
5. Lemongrass Dreams For The Crippled
6. Heavenly Frogs Collide
7. Five Blood Clots Makes A Triangle
8. Release The Stictches, Feed The Cat
9. Dont Stack The Cupcakes
10. Roaches Between The Window Unite
11. Worms That Enlighten Me
12. The Fog I Breathe
13. Curved Spine In The Swamp
14. Clapping Through The Sparks
15. Mantis Of Love
16. No One Eats Tonight
17. Three Skulls Rolling Down A Hill
18. Frightened Doves Under My Bed
19. Snow Flakes On My Eyelids
20. When Oranges Wont Talk To Me
21. Burning Skin Flakes
22. Shattered Candy For Jenny
23. Kind Spirits In The Doll
24. Slightly Chipped Tooth
25. To Share The Screws
26. Push It In, Push It Out....Twice
27. Splitting The Nails Of The Unfortunate
28. Forget The Tapping
29. The Ants That Rumble With Joy
30. Stacks Of Pennies
31. Chased By A Bell
32. Tadpoles In A Drying Puddle
Полное время альбома: 27:46
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